About us

If Germany is a land of poets and thinkers
then Marbleland is the land of creativity and imagination.
In 2006 Marbleland was founded.
Its population is very kind and hardworking.

There is Dirk who has possibly the warmest place in Marbleland.
With his skilful fingers he turns tho hot glass in the flame
until it becomes round like a ball.
Whithout Dirk there wouldn't be any handmade marbles.

There is Rutty who sends the marbles on a trip.
The biggest distance was China. Probably she would
have loved to fly to Peking too, but of course that
wasn't possible because she is also responsible for
the gold donkey.
Without Rutty no material for working could be bought
and no marble would find its way to you.

There is Daniel who is the webmaster of this page.
There is hardly anyone who can type so fast and perfectly on the keyboard
like him. If there should be a wrong letter, it's fully recyclable and
reusable, Dani loughs.
Whithout Daniel there wouldn't be these pages and you wouldn't have anything to look at.